About Us.

We love stories. We love telling stories, and we love hearing them. They excite us.

By understanding a brand’s goals along with its audiences needs and wants, Li et Co Media creates content that benefits both parties—because it’s 2017 and that’s the way it should be.

Nobody wants to be advertised to, but everyone wants to be entertained and informed. 

Li et Co Media produces exceptional editorial and advertorial for brands and publications that are looking to develop an audience through the art of storytelling, whether that be via website, magazine, radio, or social media. We genuinely believe great copy is at the heart of great content. 

With more than 20 years and thousands of published pieces’ worth of experience on various platforms, founding partners Lisa Felepchuk and Coleman Molnar know how to tell a mean story—or a nice story, or a fascinating story—and are experts at wielding the tools that get that message in front of the right person.


Lisa Felepchuk,

Lisa was coding websites before you even had an email address. At the age of 12, she used her family’s clunky IBM computer to create an online community for her favourite band (you’ll just have to guess), and her love for digital was born.

Lisa has a genuine passion for developing engaging content strategies, and multi-platform lifestyle editorial and advertorial.

She has held the positions of editor-in-chief of Festival Style magazine and S/ magazine, and was the Style editor at Bell Media’s The Loop.ca, Finance and Money editor at Sympatico.ca, and Health & Fitness editor at Sympatico/MSN.



Coleman Molnar, Co-Founder

Coleman is a trained journalist and content marketer, a lifelong writer, and tall enough to surprise most people when they first meet him.

His work has been published in Sharp magazine, Inside Fitness Magazine, The Walrus, TheLoop.ca, Autostrada Forum Magazine, Festival Magazine, The Bay Street Bull, S/ magazine, and more great publications.

Coleman has served as the assistant editor and later digital editor of Sharp magazine, where he led a team to bring the brand to life online; managing editor of Digital Viking, a cutting-edge content engineering firm; and executive editor of Festival Style magazine